Heroes Reborn: “Under the Mask” Season 1 Episode 3 Review

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The premiere was decent enough to make me think Heroes had learned from some of its mistakes. “Under the Mask” proved that theory wrong very quickly and unapologetically.

The third episode of the reboot somehow managed to cram in every plot thread that the pilot introduced. It also evened out the playing field. Some of the good ones became bad, while some of the bad ones moved up in the world. Either way, this was a maddening hour of television. The kind of anger-inducing insanity that Heroes fans felt after season one. So let’s ask that question: how did Heroes get so bad so quickly?

When season two started, the characters just felt too far apart after coming together. Heroes Reborn hasn’t given each of its various subgroups of characters a reason to matter. Sure, the new version of the Company is rolling out technology called E.P.I.C., which can track Evos. So far, that doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest for Tommy, Carlos, or Luke and Joanne. Normally, that’d be fine, but their storylines are so uninspired. Tommy is still no more than a Peter Parker clone. Carlos is a superhero on a show that is essentially X-Men, yet he has no powers. Luke and Joanne are having a seriously personal overreaction to a national tragedy. Who do they they think they are that they can justify murdering people? Don’t worry though, the writing staff hasn’t allowed the cops to catch on to their very public killing spree. At least Luke has powers now so there’s a little drama stemming from something other than shitty backstory.

So when the original series lost its way, it became increasingly goofy and laughable when it tried to be serious. Take for instance Noah and Quentin’s two man rescue mission for Molly Walker. Their plan was bad, but it miraculously worked, because Heroes Reborn is a parody equivalent to the spy thrillers Michael Scott wrote on The Office.

Last, but surely not least, Heroes got way too tied up in the past. With Noah freaking out over whatever happened in his memory gap, and continually stating to Quentin how he has to find out and can’t let anyone else find out because that would be bad even though he has no f*cking clue what happened, Heroes Reborn has fallen down the same pit.

“Under the Mask” pointed in the wrong direction of the vast Heroes spectrum of quality and ran with it. This was a terrible episode of television where nothing really happened and people talked about things that might happen that they couldn’t possibly know about yet. Or they just spun their wheels hoping at least one of these new heroes would stick with audiences. Not when you try this little. Grade: D

By Matt Dougherty

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