Homeland: “Sock Puppets” Season 6 Episode 9 Review

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Has anyone watching Homeland ever had true affection for Dar Adal? There’s a scene at the end of season four where he, Carrie, Saul, and Quinn are sitting in a backyard shooting the breeze. They resemble a family. That was perhaps the only moment I felt anything other than intrigue toward Dar. But family doesn’t do what Dar has been doing to these people.

“Sock Puppets” really starts to put together all of season six’s threads into one main goal: stop Dar Adal. But there are of course hiccups. When Carrie receives a call from Jovadi where she can hear Dar threatening him, and making confessions that could hurt him, she and Saul immediately go to Keane. After their mix-up last week, it’s great to actually find out what happened and have that resolved so quickly. Now Keane is with Carrie and Saul in a long game to take this powerful foe down. There’s just one catch. Due to Saul’s actions in Berlin, implicating Dar would also destroy Saul’s career, even if Keane promises the pardon him. Homeland hasn’t done much work with Saul so far this season, but this opportunity for the character to do some soul searching is very exciting.

The scene in the park where Carrie lets Saul know was terrific. The history these two share is implied in every line. But Saul clearly and understandably fears for his legacy and future. What’s also exciting is that Homeland could see a much needed shake-up come to fruition. Does season seven put Saul in prison to atone for his sins? Where would that put Carrie?

That said, with three episodes to go, a lot can still happen to interrupt all of their plans. The show delivers a thrilling example of that when Quinn surprises Dar in his home. Armed to the teeth, this rogue force might stand in the way of true justice being served on Dar. He doesn’t kill him, but he does manage to tap his phone and find the location of the man who killed Astrid. Regardless of where this all goes, Quinn is unlikely to come out the same as he was before.

So as we head toward season six’s endgame, Homeland thankfully renews its focus. With Dar as the face of villainy on the show, after a long time coming, Carrie and Saul might be facing their most dangerous adversary yet. This season hasn’t been perfect, but at least all the interpersonal drama has finally been at least partially justified. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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