Hope Springs Review: Somewhat Bland, But the Acting Talents of its Two Stars Make it Work

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Hope Springs is the kind of movie your parents and grandparents will be talking about for a long time. But be warned, you should not watch this film with them.

The main attraction here is obviously the film’s two leads, Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Both veteran actors bring their A-game to this movie. Their chemistry, or lack there of, is the driving force of the film. You will doubt that any other actors could have pulled off the role. Streep plays a wife looking for more from her marriage. Jones plays a husband who doesn’t see anything wrong. Cliché? Yes, but the two work perfectly together to get past it.

The humor in the film is surprisingly raunchy, which is where some uncomfortable moments will come in. Kids don’t watch this with your parents. Recommend it for sure, but save yourself two hours of awkwardness. That being said, the script is full of chuckle worthy moments that Streep and Jones play up ever further for better results.

Romance wise, the film works wonderfully. These two are believable when they are romantic and when they are not, and that is all that matters.

One issue here is Steve Carell who simply phones in his performance, adding nothing to the main characters’ struggle. It isn’t a bad performance, just a safe one.

Another issues is that the film fails to bring anything new to the genre. It just features two great performances by two great actors. That is the saving grace of this film.

Hope Springs left me feeling like it could have been better. But what we got was just fine enough. Two memorable performances by two of the screens biggest legends is enough reason to go and have a decent laugh. Grade: B

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