Is Dwight Schrute Getting a Spinoff? What About ‘The Office’?

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Deadline is reporting that NBC is planning an Office spinoff starring Dwight Schrute. This likely means that Dwight would leave the show, just as Michael did last year. But with The Office‘s quality slipping into a hole they can’t dig themselves out of, is there really a reason to get excited?

Over the last few seasons, Dwight’s character has gotten increasingly more ludicrous. Michael Scott took most of Dwight’s appeal with him. Season eight has seen very few reasons to keep The Office going, despite it being one of NBC’s better rated shows. However, if Dwight leaves, it will even further kill the show.

The spinoff supposedly will take place on Schrute farms. The plot will be introduced later in the season and allow for Dwight’s exit. Apparently it will be a family comedy. The show will get a mid-season premiere in 2013, meaning that as long as The Office gets renewed for season nine, Dwight will be there for the first half of the season. To me, it doesn’t sound like NBC learned from Joey.

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