It Follows Review: Sexed-Up Terror

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It Follows is quick to be scary. The film establishes its simple rules in one early exposition-heavy sequence and never really asks anymore questions to bore us with the “history.” 

This is a common pitfall for modern horror completely avoided. The tools of terror are simple. A mysterious figure that no one can see besides you slowly walks toward you once the previous owner has passed them onto you by having sex with you. The only way to pass it on is to have sex with someone else. But if the figure kills them, it’ll go back after you until you pass it on again. We never find out what “it” is or why it’s doing what it’s doing. Just a creepy supernatural figure that walks slowly and changes form.

We follow Jay (Maika Monroe) as she and her friends try to find a way to kill the menacing follower. They’re all around 21 years old, embracing the cliche that horror films all need to star young people. But these characters are far less interchangeable with than the teenage characters in whatever crap came out last Halloween. They’re all a little off-beat, and a lot of humor comes from their awkward nature.

Combine that with all the sex and blood, and It Follows becomes a really fun horror film. It’s not quite as scary as, say, last year’s The Babadook, but it gets the job done well enough that you’ll think twice next time you’re chatting up someone in a bar. Scary movies are hard to come by these days, so take them when you can get them. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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