It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie and Dee Find Love Review

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With so many laugh out loud funny moments, this week’s It’s Always Sunny was my favorite of the season thus far.

First and foremost, Waitress is back. The object of Charlie’s affection (read: stalking), everyone’s favorite recurring character without a name returned this week in a big way. After telling Charlie to get out of her life (for the millionth time) he and Dee get in a car accident that seems destined, as they meet the Taft siblings, brother and sister heirs to the famous Taft fortune, and embark on some ineresting new romances. The double date was far and away my favorite scene of the episode. Kaitlin Olsen and Charlie Day never cease to amaze me with their fantastic chemistry and comedic timing, so any time they are paired up, hilarity ensues.

When Dennis, Frank, and Mac insert themselves into the situation, it gets even better. Dennis convinces the gang that the Tafts are not genuinely interested in Dee and Charlie, that they’re using them for their own amusement ala Dangerous Liasons. He of course devises a plot to unearth their ill intentions. While it turns out that he was half right in his assumption, the outcome is unexpected, and leads Charlie back to the Waitress. Well, back to within 50 feet of her, per the restraining order.

One of my favorite things about the series which was highlighted in this episode is that knowledge of the off-screen relationships make the on-screen dynamics even more hilarious. The fact that both Dee and Mac and Charlie and the Waitress are actually married makes their crazy interactions that much better. The thing that was great about this week is that even though it’s stuff we’ve seen before, Charlie’s obsession with the waitress, characters trying to feign being high class, Mac’s karate movies, the gang’s social ineptness, Charlie’s illiteracy…everything still felt new and amazingly funny. Grade: A

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  1. Samantha says:

    This episode of Sunny has been my favorite of the season so far. It takes the cast with their collective weirdness and social awkwardness to a whole new level. The interactions which then lead to love interests are absolutely hilarious and that’s just one of the many reasons why I’ve got my Hopper timers set each week to record the show. My favorite part is where Dee and Mac are beating each other up in front of Trevor. The back and forth between them made me laugh out loud. My DISH co-worker was excited to see the return of the waitress in this episode. The part where she walks in on Frank after he tries to do Charlie’s job of taking care of her was so funny. I love this show!

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