It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie Rules the World Review

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It’s Always Sunny had a pretty great week. The gang’s obsession with gaming coupled with the amazing comedic chemistry especially between Kaitlin Olson and Charlie Day taking center stage made for a hilarious episode.

Dee becomes obsessed with Techpolalypse, a post-apocalyptic video game where she’s queen of a tribe she’s created using the guys as inspiration for characters. She enlists Charlie to help her with the game, and the scenes between the two of them as their dynamic in the game transfers to their actual lives are absolutely hysterical. I honestly think that regardless of the plot, any episode where Dee and Charlie team up is foolproof. These two perform together so brilliantly. And watching their characters succeed in their online world was such a great foil to their usual spectacular failures in their own lives.

At first Mac, Dennis, and Frank are opposed to the game, and in one of my favorite parts of the episode they go dancing midday. (“Let’s Hear It for the Boy” playing is what truly makes the scene.) Then in a truly uncomfortably funny scene, the three watch one of the infamous Dennis Reynolds sex tapes as a way for…well…I’m not entirely sure what the point of it was, which was partly why it was entertaining. Frank and Mac eventually get sucked into the game despite Dennis’s efforts, and Frank finds a way to thrive in the game almost as much as Charlie has.

In the only distracting scene this week, Dennis enters his own alternate reality in his mind after unsuccessfully trying to engage with other people face to face rather than virtually. The scene, featuring a British barber Dennis as an alter ego, was too strange and too off course. Luckily it was short, but it was the only part of the episode I really disliked.

In the end, Dennis simply decides to delete the rest of the gang’s characters. It was a surprisingly perfect ending, and again the music just made it all the better. (“All Night Long” this time.) This week was one of the more successful episodes so far this season because they really went back to their roots. Exploring the social phenomenon of gaming was a perfect way to showcase the bizarre group dynamics, which is really what makes this show thrive. It came together much better than last week’s convoluted storyline. With characters this insane, sometimes a simple concept is all they need. Grade: B+


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