It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer Review

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This week the gang tackles cancer and questions of religion in true It’s Always Sunny fashion. That is to say, in the least sensitive, most bizarre way possible.

Charlie learns that his mom has lung cancer. Most likely from living with Mac’s chain smoking mom, but that is neither here nor there. Charlie finds himself grasping for ways to help his mom. Mac leads them to a rather unorthodox Dr. Jinx, played by P. Diddy, one of the biggest guest stars this show has seen. Mac then drags them to church. Charlie is convinced that the Catholic Church is scamming them. Dennis tries to feel some kind of emotion, but instead hatches a plan to capitalize on the Church by inviting the congregation to a “Beef and Beer” fundraiser at the bar. In a thoroughly ridiculous turn of events, Charlie’s mom reveals that she does not have cancer…she was simply trying to raise money for a statue she and Mrs. Mac had broken. But she had seen Charlie’s successful cancer rouse years ago and followed suit. Honestly, the reference to that episode was one of the funnier moments because the episode “Charlie Has Cancer” is a true classic.

The secondary plot this week involved Dee, a psychic, and accusations that Frank was losing his marbles. In an attempt to prove his sanity, he put together an elaborate scheme that ended with the gang digging up Dennis and Dee’s dead mother because they were convinced she had faked her death. But, dead she was. A shoeless Frank declared himself triumphant.

Honestly, my feelings about this episode are hard to sum up. It was thoroughly weird. In its utterly bizarre nature it held elements of early seasons of It’s Always Sunny, when the plots were a little more outrageous. I found myself laughing at some lines, like Charlie’s illiteracy creeping into his mom’s speech, and I always love when Mac reminds us how Catholic he is. And I have to give them props for the P. Diddy cameo. I do like when they take serious subjects and make absolutely absurd story lines out of them, but I just don’t think the execution this time was effective, as we’ve seen them make much better mockeries of societal institutions. Grade: C+


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