It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank’s Back in Business Review

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Short on laughs, this week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny was among worst of the season.

Frank gets a call from one of his old companies, and he cleans himself up, getting back to his ruthless businessman persona. He takes Charlie as his right hand man. This set up had some promise due to the fact that Charlie and Frank usually make a very entertaining duo, but the whole thing felt flat. The only mildly amusing scene came when the two were being measured for racquetball outfits and Charlie was inquiring about what the company actually does. But that was it.

Dennis, Dee, and Mac’s storyline revolves around a wallet they found in the bar, belonging to a Brian Lafeve. They take some Phillies tickets left in the wallet, and find themselves in a box at the game talking business, Dennis and Dee impersonating Lafeve and his wife, and Mac plays the part of their bodyguard. Dennis’ sociopathic traits come to light again this week as he fully immerses himself in the thrill of stealing this man’s identity, which leads to one especially uncomfortable but funny scene with a young caddy at a golf club, but other than that the whole scheme really just feels forced.

The two storylines end up intersecting, courtesy of an explanation and simultaneous business pitch from Mac and Charlie that was a sort of funny wrap up. Turns out the man Dennis was impersonating was the main shareholder of Frank’s company, but had died in the alley outside the bar.  In the end though, that mattered little, as Frank is back to his old ways, and sells the company out from under everyone.

This disappointing episode failed to deliver for a few reasons. One, the convoluted plot was too much. This show works much better when they keep it simple and focus on the absurdity of the characters. Another reason is that it seems that any episodes that center mainly on Frank just don’t hold up; the dynamics of the whole gang are what drive this show. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that I just didn’t find myself laughing like I usually do, and that is a problem. Grade: C


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