It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Dines Out Review

Watching the gang trying to navigate social norms and determine appropriateness is always hilarious given the group’s usual disregard for social acceptability. So this week’s episode was especially entertaining.

Mac and Dennis are out for their monthly dinner. Charlie and Frank are out to celebrate the anniversary of when they moved in together. And Dee has a groupon. Everyone coincidentally chose the same restaurant for their evenings out, a restaurant that Dennis deems the nicest in Philadelphia.

The three tables spend some time debating the awkwardness of the situation: do they say hi to one another? Both Charlie and Frank and Dennis and Mac seem to think the other table should approach to pay tribute. And the entire time Sweet Dee’s embarrassment at dining alone is full of the comedy we’ve come to expect from Kaitlin Olson.

After gifts of wine are not appreciated by the two parties of men, Charlie and Frank decide to send everyone at the restaurant a shot of Sambuca to toast an American soldier dining at the restaurant, everyone except Dennis and Mac.

Dennis then stands up to humiliate Frank and Charlie and give Mac an off-color but somehow oddly heartwarming toast, followed by a rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and it was the best moment that Dennis has had the entire season. Kaitlin Olson and Charlie Day are usually my favorites on this show, but this week Dennis Howerton and Rob McElhenney really took the cake with their comedic banter.

The entire time, I found myself thinking “I can’t imagine being the waiter responsible for serving this group of people.” And at the end, courtesy of a prank from Dee, the group is brought together and the thought of mine completely justified.

This week was definitely one of the best this season. Just as in “Charlie and Dee Find Love”, whenever the gang finds themselves outside their comfort zones in a classier environment, watching them struggle as fish out of water never ceases to deliver laughs. I loved the approach this week. It seems they’ve gotten back into the groove of the great writing we’ve seen over the years that has been somewhat lacking this season. Grade: A


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