It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Gets Analyzed Review

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In a fresh and hilarious episode, this week the gang finds themselves in Dee’s therapist’s office. Their main objective: to determine who has to do the dishes following a dinner party they had.

The format of this episode was so great because we rarely get to see the characters one on one. Typically they are paired off or engaging in shenanigans as a group. So one on one therapy sessions made for a great truly character driven episode. These episodes happen so rarely, but are generally some of my favorites. Mac’s session was obviously focused on his body issues, with some gratuitous karate thrown in. Charlie delved into some of his inorthodox lifestyle choices…eating cat food, sharing a pull out bed with Frank, having a dead pigeon in his coat. Frank was originally resistent to the idea of therapy, but ends up crying in his pistachios reliving childhood traumas. Dennis’ sociopathic tendencies are brought to light as he tries to aide the therapist in her analysis of the rest of the group. And Dee’s constant need for approval is highlighted in another hilarious performance from Kaitlin Olson. The therapist is alarmed by the dysfunction of the group, and by their very serious desire for her to just assign their chores rather than help them with their obvious mental problems.

This episode was one of the newest freshest things we’ve seen from season 8 so far. Not that this show follows an exact formula, but generally we see the gang interacting with each other or with their quirky cast of usual acquaintances. So to see them individually interacting with a normal outsider provided a different kind of humor, very much in keeping with each of their consistently crazy characters. And I think that anyone would agree that there are no five people who need therapy more than the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Grade: A-


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