It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Recycles Their Trash Review

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One of the best things about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that it’s one of the very few shows on television that’s never taken itself too seriously. This week, the gang recycles trash. And jokes. And story lines. And characters. And it works perfectly.

In season 4, the gang sought to solve the gas crisis. In season 5 they tried to exploit the mortgage crisis. In season 2 Frank tries to bribe and exploit government officials using Dee dressed up as a whore as bait. These are just some of the plans we’re reminded of in the very beginning of the episode. Frank insists that none of their past schemes worked out because no one listens to him. So they try to recreate elements of all of these strategies, but this time they’re tackling a new problem in Philadelphia: the trash strike. They come up with a plan to go door to door trying to get people to hire them to take away their trash.

Mac, Dennis, and Charlie take the plan and obviously tweak it, but surprisingly it works very well. But, per usual, they get bored with their successful venture, tired of being garbage men after one day. They decide they want to go back to one of their failed plans. Meanwhile Dee and Frank use old tactics to keep the trash strike going.

They end up back in the bar, with the gang attempting to come up with a new crazy hair brained scheme. Charlie takes back the reigns though, telling them that they can learn from their mistakes and make the trash plan work. But alas, Charlie is the “Wild Card”. He literally falls out of a van whose breaks he had cut, and the rest of them realize the trash strike is officially over, the episode ends with them deciding to pursue the new nonsensical venture…something about rugs.

Most shows end up reusing story lines or over using jokes, but purposefully revolving an episode around this idea is brilliant, and it’s something only It’s Always Sunny is capable of pulling off. On top of being such a bold and hilarious concept, this was an important episode for the series. By bringing us back to so many old elements of the show, it proved that almost every single episode is a memorable one. This show is still so strong in their 8th season, and tonight’s served to truly remind us of everything we love about the show…as though we could ever forget. This recycled episode was refreshing. Grade: A-

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