It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre Review

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The premise of this week’s It’s Always Sunny was promising, but the execution left a lot to be desired.

This episode was set up from the beginning as a parody of zombie horror movies, but it fell flat. The saving grace of the episode should have been the narration of the story by the guys from inside a police station, but sans one Jaws tangent from Charlie, there were very few laughs.

The story is this. The gang heads to the woods somewhere for a surprising set of nuptials: Maureen Ponderosa, Dennis’ strange ex wife, is marrying Liam McPoyle, one of Charlie’s former nemesis and a member of the notoriously incestual clan of milk drinking weirdos. Dennis is there to insure the wedding happens, as he is tired of paying Maureen alimony. Charlie and Mac tagged along to support him. Frank and Dee are there under the guise of supporting Bill Ponderosa, Maureen’s brother and Dee’s former fling, since Frank is now his AA sponsor. But actually they are there to try to break up the wedding because they love the fact that Dennis has to pay alimony since his impulsive wedding and divorce in season 6.

The atmosphere of the wedding was totally in keeping with the odd and creepy behavior of the McPoyles that we’ve seen in their various appearances throughout the seasons. But as the gang tries to fullfill their individual missions, things take a bizarre turn, and all of the guests start behaving like zombies. We eventually learn the cause; Bill Ponderosa has spiked the milk with bath salts, a nod to the well known “face eater” news story from earlier this year. After the gang escapes the wedding and Dee, after being locked in a freezer by Charlie and Mac, helps fill in the blank, there’s only one mystery. Where is Maureen? Dennis confesses to having slept with her, unable to resist her after her breast enhancement surgery, and thus ruining the wedding. She shows up, obsessed with him as ever, to bail him out of jail.

I can only hope this storyline doesn’t carry over into next week…but with Sunny, that’s thankfully usually not a concern. This is the least I’ve laughed at an episode of this show in a long time. Usually their use of recurring characters is well done, and honestly the idea of this episode is funny fusing the Ponderosas and the McPoyles, as both families have contributed to strong episodes in the past. But tonight the gang just seemed out numbered, and the episode felt like kind of a disjointed mess. This show rarely disappoints, but they truly did this week. For a series with so few weak episodes, I have high hopes that this is just a bump in the road of season 8. Grade: C-

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