Jurassic Park 3D Review: Dinosaurs Rule the Big Screen Once Again

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Steven Spielberg’s dino classic comes roaring back to theaters in a big way. With a 3D conversion lending depth to the island, and the immersive IMAX experience, you’ve never seen Jurassic Park quite like this.

I was two years old when the film first hit theaters. My parents were competent enough not to take me then, but I grew up in a world that LOVED Jurassic Park. I had a toy of just about every dinosaur that appeared on screen and was pretty good at imitating their distinct roars, if I say so myself. Yes, the sequels don’t compare to the original (The Lost World is a ton of fun though, isn’t it?), so the brand slowly disappeared.

20 years later and boy nostalgia can really bite you off the toilet and shake you around violently. I find myself forgiving the choppy first act and Sam Neill’s wooden delivery of dialogue (“Oh my God. Do you know what this is? This is a dinosaur egg. The dinosaurs are breeding.”) in favor of being swept away once again.

I was overcome by goosebumps the second John Williams’ iconic score blasted over the helicopter arriving on the island. The first T-Rex encounter was much more tense than I remember it being. It was as if it was the first time all over again.

Even in the quieter scenes, the film still holds up. Jeff Goldblum is still a riot as Ian Malcolm, and Laura Dern’s earnest, lovable performance is still a high point of the film.

But you’re likely here for the classic moments. The first site of a dinosaur. The T-Rex attack on the two cars. The kitchen scene. Samuel L. Jackson saying “hold on to your butts”. I assure you, IMAX is the way Jurassic Park was meant to be seen. The 3D works rather well too, never distracting you with in-your-face pop outs (making one Velociraptor jump a little extra scary) and instead immersing you in the world.

Early in the film, John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) faces the camera and breathes the classic line “Welcome to Jurassic Park”. And what a welcome return it was. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty


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