Kilo Two Bravo Review: War Without Humanity

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There’s not a whole lot of power behind Kilo Two Bravo, which can be rooted at the film’s single biggest problem: its characters are indistinguishable. Despite the story’s factual roots, the soldiers struggle to stand out from each other, making for a pretty boring War on Terror film.

Stuck in a mine field in Afghanistan, the men aren’t really able to move around a whole lot. That would all be fine and good had the script done anything with its heroes to make them human. Instead, they are built on war movie cliches, which makes them essentially cardboard. This is a shame, considering these are real men the actors are playing. A little more research into the personalities that made up this band of brothers could have really saved this film.

Stuck in the mine field, Kilo Two Bravo definitely has its share of tense moments, while being pretty in-your-face about the horrors of war (read: it’s very gory). The film doesn’t even come close to the edge-of-your-seat madness of The Hurt Locker, but its respectably tense. If only the writers found a way to ignite a spark at the beginning. Or, you know, a character to latch onto that we aren’t just expected to automatically love because he’s a soldier. It sounds weird to say a movie needs to make us fall in love with a real life war hero, but when they don’t, you end up with a drab war movie like this one. This story deserves better. Grade: C

By Matt Dougherty

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