Legends of Tomorrow: “Destiny” Season 1 Episode 15 Review

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There’s some proof in “Destiny” of what this show could have been had it been done right. Banter, high stakes, action, and complicated sci-fi are all part of the season’s penultimate episode. Too bad there’s also an eye-rolling twist and the feeling that some pieces of this were written by a child.

Not to take away credit from child writers who make up fantastical situations for the superheroes they pretend to be on the playground. That’s what brings writers like these to carry on as adults, using a script as a playground instead of the monkey bars. But man, the scene where Ray and then Mick and then Snart fight over who gets to make the heroic sacrifice was like watching a bunch of kids fighting over who’s the start of their pretend game. It was sort of endearing, and Snart’s eventual sacrifice was effective (not that I believe for a second that he’s dead, and if he is, they killed the best character). This second half of the season has been almost completely devoid of genuine emotion. So as simplistic and, ironically, overly complicated as it was, there was finally something to feel in Legends of Tomorrow.

Getting there, though, was another form of insanity. With the twist last week that the timemasters were in cahoots with Savage, we quickly learn why. Ten years after Savage’s violent takeover, a race of aliens known as the Thanagarians will attack Earth and pose an even bigger threat. To ensure that Savage was in control of the world when that happens, the timemasters manipulated fate itself with something called the Occulus. Through this device, conveniently hidden away in a base that resembles Epcot, the timemasters took away our heroes’ free will. That means that this entire season, no single character was making choices for themselves.

I’m conflicted. On one hand, Legends of Tomorrow now has a canonical way to explain away some of the more ridiculous character choices this season. On the other hand, this whole season was one big f*cking waste of time until the last ten minutes of this episode. As I’ve said in my other episode reviews, this show doesn’t need to make sense in the way a Better Call Saul or Game of Thrones does. It can be the sort of dopey fun The Flash and Arrow are. That’s fine, I don’t think anyone was asking for more. That said, as I try to collect myself and not finish this review in all-caps expletives, it should try, just a little.

So let’s break this down. With the timemasters steering all our characters, they made Snart not kill Mick, who would later return to the crew and essentially render their control useless. But wouldn’t they have seen that? Or did the timemasters just see Ray die and decide not to investigate a second further? And also, just what does this have to do with any of the rest of the season? Is this not just a distraction from the fight against Savage? It clearly is since destroying the Occulus leaves Savage time to kill Rip’s family. But they have a time machine, so can’t they just go to seconds before it happens and fix it then? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU AREN’T F*CKING CAREFUL ABOUT WRITING TIME TRAVEL STORIES.

Now we have a tangled web of a season that already lacked tension that, turns out, didn’t need any to begin with, that just tries to fix itself with some cockamamie, philosophical, free will bullsh*t that has nothing to do with anything that came before it. The finale is next week! This show is so terrible it is exhausting. Grade: D

Some Other Notes:

  • I sort of liked Jax’s journey in 2016. I mean, the writing was obvious and stuff, but his rescue in 2166 was pretty worth it.
  • Thanagarians, eh? I’m assuming this is setup for season two now, which, if this is to be any indication, will be a huge season for Kendra. Hooray.
  • Can this horrible show please return all the great characters it stole from much better shows to their homes? The thought of Snart and Mick stuck in a time portal and not harassing the Flash ever again is the stuff of nightmares.

By Matt Dougherty

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