Legends of Tomorrow: “Legendary” Season 1 Finale Review

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More fittingly than I think anyone could have predicted, “Legendary” perfectly encapsulates this insane season of television. The finale is sloppy, incoherent, fun, unjustifiable, and even emotional (though unnecessarily of course). Personally, I’m in a state of bewilderment. This onslaught of action and time travel induced plot holes was so overwhelming, but then some of it was kind of good.

The most important thing this finale has to deal with is Vandal Savage. How does it do that? There are three meteorites harboring alien technology that can destroy the world scattered throughout time. The team splits up in three different groups to destroy the meteorite and kill Savage in each different timeline. Honestly, it makes zero sense. The writers are clearly trying to let each member of the team have their moment. Rip, Sara, and Mick all get to kill Savage, while Firestorm, Atom, and Rip again get to destroy the meteorites (Kendra was captured through all of this and who really cares about Carter?). It’s a senseless barrage of payoffs that are only dulled the more payoffs surround them. It’s sheer insanity, but then also kind of fun to see everyone fighting Savage at once.

But one scene that did work independently of the chaos was Rip’s pseudo-sacrifice of flying the last meteorite, which gained too much power or something, into the sun. Yes, that sun. But the team sullenly asking him not to do that, particular Mick’s “I don’t want to lose another friend,” was genuinely touching. So was Rip’s vision of his family. At the last minute, Legends of Tomorrow managed to sneak in some emotion. He finds a way to live that doesn’t make much sense, but then hey, the team is back together and ready for season two! But at the last minute, Rex Tyler of the Justice Society of America crash lands and tells them not to get on the ship or they’re going to die.

Look, if you’re excited for another wacky season of Legends of Tomorrow, more power to ya. I personally am done. Despite the finale’s fine moments, this shoe just doesn’t have its head on straight enough to enjoy. Time travel can be fun and make a lick of sense, as countless sci-fi films have shown us. The first half of the season did this well enough, but the second half devolved into ridiculous melodrama and clunky storytelling that it never quite recovered from. “Legendary” was sort of the best of both worlds, not as fun an breathless as the early episodes, but not as bogged down by drama as the later ones. It wasn’t enough though. Perhaps I’ll see you at the December crossover, Legends of Tomorrow. It’s been real. Finale Grade: B- / Season Grade: C+

Some Other Notes:

  • The whole return to 2016 at the top of the episode was clearly just a way for Sara to learn about her sister’s death. Introducing that here didn’t really payoff at all, but it did make me hope to see Sara back on Arrow some point in the near future. That show really knows what it’s doing right now.
  • What was with the weird commercial breaks, CW? There were at least two sets of advertisements while Rip was destroying the last meteorite. It really disrupted the episode’s momentum.
  • Savage’s deaths were all a little anticlimactic, no? Maybe it won’t actually take?
  • Hawkgirl and Hawkman just fly off at the end, rendering Kendra’s whole fate arc from earlier and mercilessly awful romance with Ray utterly pointless. This is why I’m breaking up with you, Legends of Tomorrow.

By Matt Dougherty

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