Legends of Tomorrow: “Leviathan” Season 1 Episode 13 Review

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Well where has this energy been hiding? “Leviathan” came out of nowhere, almost to a fault. With virtually no forward momentum on Legends of Tomorrow in weeks, the episode rushes to build some and, to my surprise, mostly succeeds.

The team lands in 2166, just days before Savage killed Rip’s family, to fight alongside the resistance and stop Savage from taking over the world from the moment it starts to happen, rather than in the decades or centuries before it. While that sounds like a dumb plan, and it mostly is, there’s suddenly a grand sense of scale to the show. Mythology hasn’t been built very well on Legends of Tomorrow, but here it uses the little bit that we have that works to create some genuine tension.

For the first half of the episode, the action mostly revolves around Savage’s daughter, who just happens to be wearing a bracelet Kendra had in ancient Egypt. After capturing her and removing the bracelet, Kendra shows how she can be useful for once and has Mick melt down the piece and coat her soul mate’s mace with it. For some reason, this will supposedly kill Savage. Sure, fine, whatever, it’s a cheap way to make Kendra relevant again. But then her fight with Savage at the climax of the episode was excellent. Seeing her finally go full Hawkgirl with the mace was really fun, and of the team members who really deserve to kill Savage, Kendra is actually pretty high on the list.

Lending to the larger scale was the giant being the title was based off of. The giant green robot known as the Leviathan is not only Savage’s super weapon, but the perfect excuse for Atom to reverse engineer his suit to become equally giant. Once he does, we got another fun battle, one that would make Pacific Rim fans giddy.

But the episode ends on kind of a downer. One of Savage’s henchmen distracts Kendra for a moment, but upon his defeat, she realizes that it was Carter. This twist only looks to further plague Kendra’s love life, which is by far the worst thing about this show. After that, Kendra can’t kill Savage and the team takes him into custody. Frankly, I wish this episode was the finale. It wasn’t perfect, but it had an epic sense that started to wrap up the season’s storyline. But then, maybe this episode picking up steam will lead to an even better finale. We’ll find out soon enough. Grade: B+

Some Other Notes:

  • Any Legend of Korra fans out there have flashbacks of that show’s excellent series finale when the giant robot came onto the scene?
  • Speaking of the robot, the neon green design and transparent exoskeleton was very, very cool. For as crappy and generic as many of this show’s future things look, the Leviathan really stood out, and in a good way.
  • Notice how Kendra and Ray both had solid stories this week but that they had nothing to do with each other. Hmmm, take note writers.
  • There’s some great poetry in Snart striking up a romance with Savage’s daughter.

By Matt Dougherty

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