Legends of Tomorrow: “Marooned” Season 1 Episode 7 Review

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Man, Legends of Tomorrow may have just made a very costly mistake. “Marooned” was all over the place to begin with, being one of the first episodes that was almost devoid of humor. There was a lot of drama surrounding the show’s best sources of comedy. This is fine, but you need a little more time to turn your villain turned hero back into a villain. The episode rushes it and gives us a supposed conclusion that, whether it sticks or not, is incredibly frustrating.

But “Marooned” does one cool thing right off the bat, send our heroes to space. The episode mostly takes place in ship corridors with space pirates facing off with the legends as Rip tries to find a way to locate Savage. The execution is wonky, but space travel even being a possibility on this series is kind of cool.

From there though, the episode can’t really decide what it’s focus is. First, we’ve got Rip’s flashbacks scattered throughout. This might have been more effective has the central plot felt like it was asking Rip to grow. But actually, Rip remains stagnant through both timelines. In both the flashbacks and the present, he gets exactly what he wants and doesn’t have an emotional struggle to to get there. It’s filler disguised as character development that isn’t there.

But then the central focus seems to shift to Heat Wave and his now rocky relationship with the legends. He’s mostly just angry with Captain Cold for forcing him to leave 2046 last week, yet he goes completely rogue by episode’s end. The first six episodes of Legends of Tomorrow did great work taking him out of the villain role he played on The Flash and making him heroic. He’d bonded with Ray and Sara separately at this point, making his stakes a little more than just money. Once he’s captured and the pirates are dealt with, the team has to decide what to do with Heat Wave. Snart agrees to kill him. The final scene of the episode is emotional to some degree, but if Heat Wave is in fact dead, the show just very hastily removed one of its best characters. If he isn’t, this whole episode was for nothing. There’s no winning here.

So for all this, as well as the boring romantic subplot featuring Ray and Kendra, “Marooned” is pretty easily the worst episode of Legends of Tomorrow yet. This was an entry that lacked both humor and worthwhile drama. But no crime was greater than disposing of the team’s most ruthless, unpredictable criminal. Whether he’s just gone for a few episodes or dead for good, this show minus Heat Wave just got a lot less fun. Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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