Legends of Tomorrow: “Night of the Hawk” Season 1 Episode 8 Review

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Vandall Savage, racism, homophobia, and zombie hawk people come against the heroes in a fun episode set entirely in 1958.

After last week’s lackluster mess, “Night of the Hawk” did everything great Legends of Tomorrow episodes appear to do. It used its entire cast to their full effect while making the most of the period setting. With a number of murders and disappearances in this diner-filled town, the team spreads out to find Savage. Ray and Kendra were a cliche 1950s Pleasantville couple, besides being interracial, who just happened to be neighbors of one Vandall Savage. Stein and Sara investigated an insane asylum, with the latter romancing a closeted nurse. Jax asks a girl out at a diner and ends up on “Lover’s Way.” Rip and Snart pose as FBI agents. This is all going on while Savage is using a meteorite to turn the small town’s citizens into ferocious hawk people.

It’s a busy episode, and it suffers a bit for it, but that doesn’t take away from the fun. Sara and Jax were particularly enjoyable, exuding confidence as they seduced the people raised in the a backwards social climate of 1958. Sara pulling an insecure woman into a more comfortable place while downing shots was everything I’ve come to love about this character encapsulated in just a few short moments. Jax, meanwhile, isn’t afraid to stand up to racism while fending off bullies.

But it actually ended up being Kendra who had the most growth in this episode, showing strength in fighting Savage one-on-one. It was annoying to have Ray pop in and save her at the last minute, but seeing her fight and handle her own was rewarding.

The episode ends with an awkwardly handles cliffhanger featuring Chronos attacking the ship and leaving Ray, Kendra, and Sara back in 1958. It’s a fine set up for what I’m sure will be a fun episode next week, but it came out of nowhere and was completely devoid of tension.

Still, “Night of the Hawk” was fun for a lot of reasons. It wasn’t as well put together as some of the show’s best episodes so far, but simply going to a new period tends to give this show enough life to be fun for 42 minutes. Legends of Tomorrow will likely be able to stick to its own formula a little longer than most shows are able to. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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