Legends of Tomorrow: “Progeny” Season 1 Episode 10 Review

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Legends of Tomorrow visits some old time travel tropes for a clunky episode that largely doesn’t amount to anything.

What “Progeny” does best is set up the stakes. This episode is meant to feel bigger than it actually is, which makes its placement in the season strange. Why not earlier to show how big the show can get before having some fun episodes? Why not later to help build the tension for the big final fight with Savage? But then, Legends of Tomorrow‘s creative decisions have been a bit troubled since we got past the initial fun phase.

We learn through a now-typical, exposition-laden speech at the top of the episode that in 2147, Vandal Savage is the mentor of a future dictator who will unleash a virus on the world, decimating its population. However, in 2147, this future Hitler, as Rip compares him, is just a child. Cue the team’s moral quandary: do they kill a child to save the future?

So the team kidnaps the kid, allowing Rip to cart him off without anyone else’s decisions mattering to him. Intending to kill him, he stops. But then he literally gives a speech about how good a person he is. Come on writers! I know this is a goofy superhero show, but a character announcing how good of a person he is doesn’t amount to growth, its just self-righteousness. A very shoddily edited action sequence occurs and Rip exchanges the kid for a safe escape. Gideon then tells him that their actions only escalated the virus and Savage’s takeover. So the whole thing was essentially pointless except for Rip maybe feeling better about himself.

Meanwhile, as Ray deals with his technology being used for excessive force in the future, Kendra has flashbacks to a time when she was with Hawkman. Ray ends up thinking he has a kid in 2016, who ends up just being his brother’s kid. Kendra ends up realizing for the 11th time that just because Hawkman was her past doesn’t mean he has to be her present. Blah, blah, blah. This romance has easily become the worst thing about the show.

That said, one bromance gets back in action after a silly brawl between Snart and Mick. With Heat Wave acting out of character the last couple times he’s showed up, it was great to have him be just an angry version of the character we were introduced to. He even seemed to side with Sara in not killing the future dictator. With Mick telling the team that everyone’s after them (again, haven’t we been over this?) at the close of the episode, we’re pointed to the team dynamic that made the first slew of episodes so fun. Legends of Tomorrow has seriously been missing something since Mick get marooned and got all angry. Hopefully, we can return to the fun feel of when the show started. Grade: C

By Matt Dougherty

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