Legends of Tomorrow: “River of Time” Season 1 Episode 14 Review

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The endgame for this first season of Legends of Tomorrow is upon us, revealing a surprisingly effective twist served with a side of terrible melodrama.

“River of Time” is an episode that, for must of it, continues to harp on the show’s worst storylines. That means the love story between Kendra, Ray, and another reincarnation of Carter. Remember Carter? The hawk guy who died in the second episode that Kendra and Ray talk about non-stop? Well, in the future, Savage has him as his number one henchmen. Kendra, upon seeing the man the universe has paired her with for centuries, forgets about free will and her love for Ray. The show is treating those two years they spent in the 1950s together as if they didn’t happen. As they fumble around each other and their destinies, we’re reminded that this is the only thing Legends of Tomorrow wants to be about. And it’s the show’s worst storyline.

Having Savage aboard the Waverider has its moments, mostly from a Casper Crump who finally seems to have mastered his villainous character. The goal here is essentially the same as when Loki was trapped on the SHIELD helicarrier in The Avengers. The only really believable person it works on is Ray, because the show has positioned him as a needy, insecure guy who constantly needs to be validated. Having Sara question Rip’s goals again felt forced. Though is did like Stein beating Savage at his own game.

Speaking of Firestorm, Jax gets really old when he fixes something to do with time travel on the ship so Stein sends him away back to 2016 to make him younger, while Stein will apparently die for some reason. I don’t know, this whole thing was honestly ridiculous and devoid of emotion because it didn’t feel justified. Is the show setting up Martin to die? That would be a mistake.

They eventually get Savage to the time masters, but they are actually working for Savage. This does unite the shows main villains in a way we haven’t gotten yet, giving the heroes just one big force to fight for the last two episodes. But Rip’s conflict hasn’t had momentum in a long while, and this episode doesn’t do that any favors by having him essentially just be mean to everyone.

The clock is counting down on this once promising season of TV. If the show can’t get some of the fun of the first few episodes back, the season will have been for naught. These characters would do better on the shows they originated on. Grade: C

By Matt Dougherty

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