Legends of Tomorrow: “Star City 2046” Season 1 Episode 6 Review

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Look, between Heroes and X-Men: Days of Future Past, among others I’m sure, dark futures have been done to death in superhero stories. But by using some of the best mythology from the Arrow side of this universe and keeping the battle in the future as opposed to returning to the past, “Star City 2046” ended up being very enjoyable.

Sure, there’s the slight caveat that any Legends of Tomorrow viewers not well-versed in Arrow would miss some of the brilliance here, but how many people are on that list? With Star City torn apart by Deathstroke’s gang, led by Slade Wilson’s son Grant, it’s been up to a new Green Arrow to keep the street as clean as he possibly can. But the villain’s forces are too strong, turning Star City into the dark future from Terminator populated with the crazies of the Mad Max franchise. Of the episodes of Legends we’ve gotten so far, this was rightfully the least fun. What was powerful here was the implied history between Oliver Queen, now with just one arm, and John Diggle Jr., the new Green Arrow. However everything went down in this dark timeline, the emotional weight is felt, with Stephen Amell selling the older version of his character very well.

The end of the episode mostly just felt like Arrow season 15 and there was nothing wrong with that. Having the two Green Arrows fighting Deathstroke was a big reward for anyone still watching that show (frankly, it was one of the best episodes of Arrow in a long while). Sure, our main characters all had moments to shine in the battle, especially Sara, but I got some serious chills when war-torn, robotic-armed Oliver Queen faced a new Deathstroke one-on-one.

Another fun future subplot came with Heat Wave accidentally taking over one of the gangs in Star City. Having Captain Cold continually trying to appeal to his reason was a fun change of pace, as last week it was Heat Wave fighting to save Ray. The dynamic between these two rogues continues to be a pleasure to watch.

Moving away from the future storylines, “Star City 2046” also set up one of the show’s inevitable love triangles. Ray and Jax are both vying for Kendra’s affections. Stein tells Jax to be confident, which leads to a lot of him telling himself “Just be confident!” seconds before he’s about to see her like it’s a cartoon. It’s a shame that Legends hasn’t found a way to make Kendra interesting yet, leaving her only worthwhile storyline being two men fighting over her. Hawkgirl is a great character in the comics, which is why she’s so far the only real disappointment on this series.

Still, with all the future fun and strong character work outside of the love triangle, this was one of Legends of Tomorrow‘s best episodes. Tying together the CW universe in an exciting and rewarding way for not only one show but two proved to be a brilliant way to go. Anytime these guys want to go visit Oliver and his robotic arm in 2046, they have my approval. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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