Legion: “Chapter 3” Season 1 Episode 3 Review

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Three episodes in, Legion remains an artful, chaotic representation of its main character’s mind. This show knows very much what it wants to be, and “Chapter 3” continues to point toward its goals. We learn more about David’s power set, which now includes teleportation and some form of astral projection. We learn more about Bird’s purpose in the mutant world, to fight a war in place of her mysteriously absent husband.

As with the previous episode, much of “Chapter 3” is spent with David and Bird’s team examining David’s memories. This week, there’s a lot more going on in them. Bird gets to see David as a drug addict, which may just alter her perception of her new favorite mutant. She so badly wants David to be the full arsenal in her war. But as David says to Syd later in the episode, maybe he’s not as sane as Bird says he is. Has this mutant academy every rescued someone who’s powers made them think they were insane and they actually turned out to be right? Bird doesn’t quite realize what she’s dealing with, and something tells me their relationship isn’t going to stay as rosy as it currently is.

If last week’s episode’s purpose was to get David into a headspace where he’s ready to examine his mind, this week’s is to dive into the innards of it. David’s powers continually get in the way of Wallace using his, making traveling through David’s memories more of labyrinth than intended. It doesn’t help that around just about every dark corner is either the Devil with the Yellow Eyes or the Very Angry Boy. Director Michael Uppendahl really ups the creep factor, ensuring that David’s inner-monologue is a visual nightmare of disturbing and inhuman movements.

The climax of the episode sees the team getting separated inside David’s mind, with Syd and David going one way, only for us not to see Bird and Wallace until later. Syd manages to wake up, and get Wallace up, but Bird is stuck in the dream until the final moments of the episode, finally starting to get a taste of the devilish figures that haunt David.

And so we’re left on a cliffhanger, with David still stuck in his own brain. How Legion finishes this quest is something I can’t wait to see, though I do hope that the show spends some time outside his brain in the near future. With Division 3 still holding Amy captive, the show hopefully won’t wait too long before dealing with that. But for now, Legion is still a visual treat as it takes the necessary time to develop its characters. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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