Louie: “A La Carte” Season 5 Episode 2 Review

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The second episode of the season took a deep dive into love and relationships as Louie and Pamela navigate typical relationship conventions in an unconventional way.

But first, we got a hilarious cold open, where Louie tackled the serious lack of public restrooms in New York City in one of the most hilarious and awkward ways possible. While out with his two daughters, Louie feels something go awry in his stomach. Next thing he knows, he’s on the street, clenching every muscle he has to keep a mess from breaking out.

For those who don’t live in the city, the bodega clerk telling Louie that he doesn’t have a bathroom wasn’t heightened comedy at all. A recent episode of Girls told the same joke because it is 100% true. These guys don’t care if you are going to shit all over floor.

The scene with his daughters screaming in horror as Louie rushed them off so he could shit himself in the street was much more heightened, but even more hilarious. This is how you do bathroom humor.

The next bit found Louie awkwardly hosting an open mic night at a comedy club, with one performer asking for his critique. But the kid goes up there and talk about how he pissed his bed and his mom beat him for it. Louie tells him he doesn’t have a future, but when the kid begs for advice, Louie eventually just tells him to use a funny voice.

The tag was great, as the kid appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and told the same jokes with a high-pitched voice to a roaring audience.

But the crux of the episode had Louie and Pamela going on a date. Pamela Adlon continues to be a highlight with her guest appearances, as she makes fun of Louie in a dark movie theater.

Then their conversation get a little more serious after Louie sort of asks her to move in with him. Pamela approaches their romance from a much more logical standpoint. She believes that they’ll immediately fall out of love if they move in together and even goes on to suggest an open relationship.

As two middle-aged people, both of whom have already been marries and divorced, an open relationship does make some degree of sense. But Louie isn’t as convinced as Pamela. But the word “love” is thrown around by Pamela a few times, assuring Louie that he is in fact in a real relationship, but that she thinks being open is something they could both benefit from. The question is, can Louie get himself onboard for an open relationship to stay with someone he loves? Or will this be an irreconcilable difference that drives them apart?

Louie is pretty lose on the continuity, except with Pamela. There’s a good chance this will be further explored throughout the season. And hopefully so, as “A La Carte” was both really smart and funny. But, what else can you expect from LouieGrade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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