Louie: “Back” Season 4 Episode 1 Review

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It took almost a year longer than many of us would have liked, but Louie is finally back and hasn’t lost any of its luster in its year off.

The fourth season premiere plays out like a traditional episode of Louie: little vignettes broken up by stand-up segments that string everything together with varying degrees of clarity.

Back starts off with a scene for the city dwellers who’s bedrooms are a little too close to the garbage trucks. It was perfect absurdist comedy to have the garbage men throwing the metal cans against the truck, eventually just banging it against the side for the hell of it. The scene culminates in the workers busting into Louie’s bedroom banging lids together and jumping on his bed. I honestly haven’t laughed that hard at television in about a year. It’s a great reacclimation to the no-rules world of Louie.

The second “welcome back” we get is when Louie picks his daughters up from school, who have lost none of their comedic value in the two years since this show has been on. Louis C.K. continued to give us his best work when acting against these two brilliant young girls.

But the meat and potatoes of the episode starts when Louie plays cards with some of his comedy buddies, the most notable face being Sarah Silverman’s. This is Louie so the topic of masturbation comes up pretty quick. While a lot of the comedy in this scene didn’t totally work for me, it gave Louie the bright idea to go and buy a vibrator to try masturbating with. Louis C.K., again, killed it in the sex toy shop, just before throwing out his back. Limping through the streets, a classic NYC old lady hails him a cab like her life depends on it before carrying on with her day. Louie continues to embody the personality of the city better than any other show on TV right now.

The doctor can’t help him, but the receptionist recommends one of those vibrating back massagers from Brookstone to help his back. It’s the classic Louie build to a grand punchline.

Back had a lot going for it. The opening scene was a riot, it featured his daughters, and the end joke was well worth the build up. Had that poker scene been written a bit better this would have been a perfect premiere. But near perfect is fine by me, as it’s at least proof of the talent still being poured into this show. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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