Louie: Barney/Never Review

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This week Louie deals with death and an annoying kid in another great episode.

Louis C.K. broke a few norms on his show this week. There was no opening titles, just black and white credits in a cold, empty graveyard. Empty besides of course two of the funniest men to ever live. Louie never reveals its guest stars in a glorifying way. They are always chance encounters as Louie sluggishly moves through life, leaving the audience to figure it out themselves and then internally say “Ladies and gentlemen, Robin Williams!”. After seeing someone that these two legends both knew buried in the cemetery, they meet for lunch and discuss how much of a prick the guy was. Sometimes death does feel like this, but in his honor they go to the guy’s favorite strip club, only to realize he was very well liked in this community. Of course it was hysterical to see them both crack up afterwards and promise to go to each others’ funerals. As usual, Louis C.K. makes the most out of his guest star, making Robin Williams’ short appearance memorable.

The second half of the episode saw Louie forced to take care of an obnoxious classmate of his daughters. This kid was hysterical as he demanded to eat raw meat in a bowl and diarrheaed in the “bathtub”. A nice touch was Louie’s phone interview which ever so lightly graced the theme of the first segment. The final moments were the best as Louie told Never exactly why his daughter doesn’t like him.

This show remains fantastic for its perfect blend of realism and comedy. You would thing segments with Louis C.K. and Robin Williams would be funnier but the material didn’t call for it and that is just fine. Comedy came out more in the second segment. While not the best of the season, Barney/Never made excellent but not excessive use of its guest star and then a funny little story. Grade: A-

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  1. Jordan says:

    My kept hearing my cousins talk about Louie so I watched this episode with my Dish Remote Access App and I am happy I finally did. This first episode was so funny I played the other two episodes I had on my app. You hit the nail on the head when you said realism and comedy. Each vignette had both but each one also seemed to have one of those components as its main theme. I showed a coworker at Dish this same episode and I think she might be as addicted as me.

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