‘Louie: Bummer/Blueberries’ Review

The second episode of Season 2 was not quite as good as the first. Having just watched all of the first season, Bummer/Blueberries was not one of the better episodes of the show.

As per usual all of the stand-up segments were hysterical. Louis C.K. is a master of stand-up comedy and even at the shows worst, these segments of Louie make the show worth watching.

Like many episodes of the show, Bummer/Blueberries was divided into two completely unrleated segments, the first of which worked much better than the second.

The first segment dealt with Louie having a violent encounter with a homeless man on the street while he was on his way to a date. The homeless man ends up getting decapitated leaving Louie in shock and awe. He still goes on his date and ends up going on a tirade about how pointless life can be. This segment worked mostly for its pure shock value. Seeing the homeless man’s head come off was pretty hysterical. Everything Louie said about death was very much in line with the character and did not betray the tone of the show.

The second segment had Louie visiting one of his daughter’s classmate’s moms for a no-strings-attached night of sex. This segment was just awkward and was also a bit too familiar with what the show has done in the past.

Bummer/Blueberries was slightly disappointing overall. In my opinion, the best parts of the show are when Louie is interacting with his two young daughters. Hopefully the show can bring back more of these segments throughout the rest of the season. (7/10)

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