‘Louie: Country Drive’ Review

Finally! An episode focusing on the Louie’s two hilarious daughters! Country Drive involved Louie taking his daughters to see his 97 year old aunt in Pennsylvania so that she can teach them about what older times were like. Sounds boring doesn’t it? Lily and Jane (Louie’s daughters) completely agree making for one of the funniest episodes of the show.

The episode did not start with stand-up comedy as many others do. This was because it didn’t need to, the main plot was funny enough that the audience didn’t need a warm up. Everything about the drive to Pennsylvania was hysterical. From the boredom of the two girls to Louie rocking out to the radio, although the later did go on for just a bit too long.

It becomes obvious quickly in this episode that Louie’s aunt is going to die while they are on their visit, so what was supposed to be shock when Louie found her fell flat. However there were some better shocks right before it with the old woman’s nickname for a certain kind of nut.

The end of the episode featured some of the best stand-up Louis C.K. has given us on this show. Overall, despite a few minor shortcomings, Country Drive is a classic episode of Louie and brought all of the dark comedy that we expect from the leading man and the situations he finds himself in. (9/10)

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  1. The Watcher says:

    Only Louie could get away with a solid five minutes of a character singing along with the radio. That was wonderful.

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