Louie: Dad Review

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This week Louie teased us a bit too much without a payoff, but the ride was pretty spectacular.

It would have been great to meet Louie’s father, but I can see why it didn’t happen. This season seems like a lot of set-up rather than episodes that speak volumes like we are used to. Hopefully the payoff isn’t too far away in the future of the show.

Dad started with Louie’s daughter playing violin incredibly well before her father storms in and tells her to stop. It was the biggest laugh of the episode, especially since the show seems to have dropped the stand up segments.

From there we had a great scene between Louie and his uncle, played by Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham. He tells Louie to visit his father, starting a chain reaction mentally and physically on Louie.

I love that Sarah Silverman came back this week. Their relationship was a highlight of last week’s episode and is one I really want to be real. Her presence at the poker game was most welcome. Unlike Louie’s vomit. His father’s looming presence caused him to get sick. After a visit to the doctor he decided to go see his father.

A few nice touches here were the announcement on the plane (“We are now landing where your father lives”) and Louie’s argument with his GPS. It felt like a much funnier version of Requiem for a Dream.

But then came some degree of disappointment. I would love to see Louie move forward a little as a character some point this season. Him running away made the whole episode feel a bit pointless. Perhaps that is exactly what Louis C.K. is trying to do.

Either way the ride was absolutely wonderful this week. Hopefully more great episodes are to come as we progress even further through season three. Grade: B

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  1. DeeDee says:

    One of my coworkers at Dish said that Silverman was going to be on Louie this week so I had to watch. She is absolutely adorable and has the most twisted sense of humor. It just makes me smile. I thought that Louie was really going to meet his father and we would find out what happened, but after watching that many season I should have known it was too good to be true. The last few episodes have been fun but this one was mostly just mind boggling. I watched it a second time with my Dish Remote Access app while I was at the gym, but I still cannot figure out why he was smiling so much in the boat at the end righ before he breaks down. I guess in the Louieverse you can never have your cake and eat it too.

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