Louie: Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 1 Review

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Season three of Louie continued with the first weak episode so far, despite having a great guest star.

Louie feels lonely. His daughters are asking questions about why he is alone. He is attracted to every woman he sees. This isn’t the most original concept for an episode of Louie, but Louis C.K. has a such a way of telling his stories that this was almost as compelling as it had been in the past.

Naturally, Louie found himself in an awkward sexual encounter with someone crazy. But this time, instead of completely falling for the woman, he decided to find someone else. Enter guest star Parker Posey to play Louie’s new potential love interest. Their chemistry glowed on screen and I found myself rooting for Louie to get this one.

The scene where he asked her out was fantastic. Louie’s ramblings were horrific as he kept thinking she would say no and digging his hole deeper. I had a feeling she would end up being a lesbian, so I was happy to see that turned into a joke and then a tender moments where she actually says yes. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having Parker Posey around for a while.

This episode also had a nice number of stand-up routines to break up the, mostly humorless episode. My main issue with this entry of the season is that it felt like the first half of an episode. Next week’s will likely be great, but for now this is quite easily the weakest of the season. Grade: B

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  1. Justin says:

    I see what you mean about feeling like only half an episode. Usually Louie picks up steam about half way through but since this is a two part episode I guess we will have to wait for next week to hear some really big laughs. A coworker at Dish pointed out the reality TV show playing in the background in the bedroom. I think its Louis’ way of saying his fictional show is more real than a reality TV show. I didn’t notice it until I watched it a second time with my Dish Remote Access app but I still can’t figure out what they are arguing about.

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