Louie: Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2 Review

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Last week I wrote that Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 1 felt like the first half of an episode. That’s because it was, and the second part is all payoff in this standout episode of the season featuring the wonderful Parker Posey.

Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2 featured only one stand up segment, which started off the episode by reminding us of all the strange romantic encounters Louie has come across on this show. Immediately after, we are sent into one of the most fascinating episodes of Louie yet as he embarks on an amazing journey throughout Manhattan with the girl who works at the book store from the first part of Daddy’s Girlfriend.

Parker Posey was good last week, but holy crap she was amazing this time around. Serving as a perfect foil to Louis C.K., Posey’s character begs questions from out lead like no one else. Her development is put in place early when a bartender tells her she cannot have three shots of alcohol after last time. This is smartly a private moment for the character, as Louie doesn’t see it thinking she just wanted to leave because it was too crowded. Spontaneous and clearly a bit left of center, this is when she begins to tug at the foundations of who Louie is.

I loved the scene where Louie gave a homeless man some food, and his date wondered why he didn’t help more, and proceeds to take Louie out of his comfort zone by helping this man for the night. Another great moment was the two of them on the roof as she told him why he was afraid of the edge of the roof.

Revealing her name was Liz, after hilariously getting Louie to believe it was Tape Recorder, Parker Posey pulled everything off flawlessly. But so did Louis C.K. who managed to develop this character while still making the focus on who Louie is. Part of me wants to see more of Liz, but another part thinks it should be a singular story. Whatever Louis C.K. decided I am sure will be the best decision for the show. Grade: A

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  1. Bernard says:

    I go to college and work full time at Dish so I promise you that watching Louie is always my favorite part of the week. The journey Parker Posey took Louie on was crazy to say the least. I think the ending was perfect though. Her comment about why Louie wouldn’t stand by the ledge was very thought provoking. I have been having my Dish Remote Access app bring me the episodes as soon as they air, or else I would never be able to find time to sit down at home and watch it. Louie is the best show on TV and he has awards to prove it.

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