Louie: “Elevator Part 1” Season 4 Episode 4 Review

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The second episode of Louie showed why it’s the best show that takes place in New York City in a long time.

We began with Louie’s youngest daughter waking up from a nightmare. She then goes back to sleep after lucidly saying that waking up was a “better dream”.

The next day, she claims to still be dreaming as they commute to their mother’s place. Louie reminds them of the subway rules (something I only assume every parent in NYC establishes with their kids). So when the “dreaming” daughter just hops off the subway for new reason, Louie totally freaks out. Louis C.K. pulled off the desperate feeling of reuniting with his child brilliantly.

When they finally meet up, Louie yells at his daughter. He then tells her mother upon arriving, who then also yells at the young girl. It was great to see Louie and his ex-wife on the same page, even though you can tell she partially blames him in that silent goodbye in the hallway after.

The rest of the episode saw Louie trying to help a woman (Ellen Burstyn) who gets stuck in the elevator in his building. This was a very funny segment, that appears to be just the beginning, as Louie tries to find the woman’s medication and then later has to wake up her niece to keep the woman company. But here’s Louie, a strange man in her apartment waking her up. She grabs the nearest hard thing and chases him out.

The episode ends with them making up over pie. It looks like there are five more episodes that have to do with the elevator incident, so we’ll see where it goes. For now, I’m not convinced that I want to spend that much time with these new characters, but I’ll always give Louis C.K. time to justify his methods. Louie is one of the best shows on TV for a reason. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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