Louie: “Elevator Part 2” Season 4 Episode 5 Review

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While the Elevator arc didn’t get off on as strong of a foot as the rest of the season last week, the second episode really delivered.

It’s clear that these six episodes are going to be one of the things that Louie does best: honest and pure romance. Louie visits his neighbor that was stuck in the elevator (once again played by the legendary Ellen Burstyn), Evanka, to try and talk to her niece. Burstyn was somehow so magnetic as this older woman that their scenes bonding over their lives in the performing arts were wonderful.

But then Louie gets a call from Jane’s school that she needs to be picked up immediately. I love how the shot of the person calling showed Jane but not who she was yelling at. I also love how big of a role Jane has had so far this season. Louie picks her up, but is unable to get any information about what happened. So in a scene right out of everyone who was ever in trouble at Jane’s age (read: everyone), Louie tries to pry the information out of her. Ursula Parker knocked it out of the park, as always, as Jane. Louie’s daughter rants about all the things wrong with school, while the script mixes her outburst with typical things a third-grader would say but also some of the fundamental problems within the education system. Once again, Louie has found an incredibly unique and enlightening way to critique something in our society.

After returning Jane to her mother, Louie and his ex-wife grab lunch, in which the latter suggests private school. Louie has an emotional break down for reasons he justifies during said break down. The scene encapsulated the hardships of raising children after a divorce in a way that was likely too real for those who go through that every day.

But, in the rare instance where a Louie episode ends on such a happy note, Louie gets to go out with Amia, Evanka’s niece. They have a perfect date, despite her not speaking English, that rivals the outstanding Season 3 two-parter Daddy’s Girlfriend guest starring Parker Posey.

Elevator Part 2 continued this arc in a perfect manner. Season 4 of Louie continues to be the most striking show on TV right now. Not a moment is wasted in this finely crafted episode. I’m pleased we’ll be sticking with this story for the next four episodes. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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