Louie: “Elevator Part 3” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

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With Louie now totally focused on Amia, it’s the perfect time for Pamela to come back and shake up his life.

Just when things seemed to be going too well, Louie bumps into Pamela, one of the best recurring characters on the show, in the supermarket. The dinner that follows is perfect awkward television. Pamela is back and she’s ready to date Louie. But he finally has someone he likes on his own, leaving Pamela to hurl insults at him until he walks out the door.

But, as it turns out, Amia won’t be around very long. When Louie goes to ask her out again, Evanka translates to him that Amia is moving back to Hungary. In such a pathetically romantic move, Louie begs her to stay. It’s a very depressing scene, but one that sets up Louie’s reward perfectly.

After destroying his piano with a baseball bat, Louie gets a knock on the door. Evanka translates that Amia is going to be here for another month and would still like to spend time with him. Clearly this arc is willing to give us some happiness early on before ripping our hearts out when Amia eventually leaves.

But Amia is able to give Louie more than he bargained for. While walking up the stairs with, Amia peaks her head out. Jane knows “hello” in Hungarian, which leads to Amia noticing Jane’s violin. While them eventually playing the same song was a bit cheesy for my taste, the smile on Louie’s face was enough to forgive it. Louis CK so rarely gets to express pure joy in his show, making this one of those few times where its okay to be a little cheesy.

Elevator Part 3 wasn’t quite as meaty as the previous installment, but it featured enough of this arc’s cast, as well as Pamela, to make for another largely satisfying entry. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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