Louie: “Elevator Part 6” Season 4 Episode 9 Review

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The Elevator arc finally came to a close as Louie recreates Hurricane Sandy in New York City to brilliant affect.

I have to admit, I didn’t see this whole story culminating in a hurricane, but the outcome made the purpose behind these six episodes very clear. Louie shows its star going on a number of misadventures, but this was a journey that led to happiness and love, and not always from where we expected.

Part 6 begins with Louie and Amia on another silent date, but this one is after they had sex in the previous episode. Now things are serious between them at the worst possible time.

He brings Amia home to try and get her aunt to translate, giving Ellen Burstyn just a couple extra moments of pitch-perfect comedic timing. But the foreshadowed storm is getting worse. Louie calls his ex-wife and she’s in hysterics.

The show was admirable for dropping everything with Amia to show Louie trying to save his family. Watching Louie traverse the hurricane was some of the best work this show has ever done. Some moments were actually pretty intense and scary, but leave it to Louie to fit in the ridiculous nature of the situation (like a man who doesn’t have a dog looking for one in the middle of the storm). I also applaud Louis CK’s direction on this episode. The use of sound throughout the whole episode was completely immersive even when it was heightened outside of our reality. It was some masterful work on a technical level that is often over-looked on this type of series.

Louie finally arrives at his ex-wife’s apartment. He calms her down in a way that drops the jaws of his daughters. For the first time ever we get a glimpse of what made these two work way back when. It’s clearly something Lilly and Jane haven’t seen in quite some time. In a sweet moment after, Louie carries his daughters, and then eventually his ex-wife, to the car. As a final touch, an overweight man only in his underwear runs past screaming through the storm. Louie sure has created the most authentic New York City on television.

As was necessary, the final scene of the episode was shared between Louie and Amia some time after. Amia gets the waiter to translate a letter she wrote to Louie that explains exactly how she feels. This scene expresses love and happiness in a way so few shows are able to achieve. For the first time ever, at least as far as I remember, we hear Louie say he’s happy. Amia may be gone, but at least we have this short moment that our lead feels fulfilled from life.

Elevator Part 6 was far from how I expected this storyline to wrap up, but that’s certainly part of its majesty. Amia isn’t the only things making Louie happy. He still has his family. Even if his ex doesn’t love him in the way that makes a marriage last, it’s clear she now has a different kind of love for him. These small nuances in a show that to the keen eye is almost entirely fantasy make Louie a strong contender for the best show on television right now. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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