Louie: Ikea/Piano Lesson Review

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A lot was going on this week for Louie in the first episode to host three separate stories.

Louie started this week with something rare for the show, a returning character. Aside from Louie, his daughters, and Pamela, this show doesn’t see characters return very often, but back from last season’s episode Bummer/Blueberries was his daughter’s classmate’s mother who had an awkward sexual encounter with Louie back then. This time she wanted him to go to Ikea with her. I loved how they fought like a married couple. One thing that was odd was the quick moment where a couple looked at LouieĀ  and his “friend” and said “lets not be like them”. It was clearly a reference to something but the only thing I can think of is a recent episode of 30 Rock, if someone could correct me on this or confirm in the comments that would be great.

The next story saw Louie taking piano lessons but getting a strange call from another returning character from earlier this season who Louie, you guessed it, had a strange sexual encounter with. She told him he had crabs. The following scene at the pharmacy feel flat, much like this whole story in general.

But Ikea/Piano Lessons ended really well with a short story about Louie’s past. The brief moments with Sarah Silverman were fantastic, as was the backstory between him and Mark Maron. The scene where Louie visited him was the best of the night as Louie didn’t remember the last time he apologized to Mark. The scene was hysterical and classic Louie.

Ikea/Piano Lessons wasn’t the best episode of the season but it had some moments of brilliance here and there, even if it was a little crowded and slow. Grade: B-

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