Louie: Late Show Part 2 Review

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After a bit too long between episodes (two whole weeks!) Louie returned with one of the best of the season in the second part of his late show saga.

Late Show Part 2 started with something we have never seen before on this show, a face to face conversation between Louie and his ex-wife. And it absolutely delivered. Their conversation was one of the defining moments of Louie’s character. Her pushes for him to go and get this job were absolutely fantastic.

Other moments with his family were great too as he dealt with his kids in the supermarket. His younger daughter manages to steal scenes like no other. Her screaming at the woman stealing was another classic example.

But besides that, the second part of Late Show was all about one thing: the job. Jay Leno and Chris Rock provided potential competition for Louie in different ways. But the standout guest star in this episode was David Lynch, Louie’s coach. Their scenes were incredibly charged and weirdly funny, in that David Lynch sort of way. Of course.

Perhaps the best thing about this story arc is that question of what if this really happens? During all of the first part I never thought it would be believable that Louie could take over for David Letterman. But tonight I found myself far more sucked in and wondering if Louis C.K. is crazy enough to do it. What if in season four Louie was CBS’s newest late night host? That prospect is exciting. More exciting than the rest of the season has been. For that, Late Show Part 2 is one of the best things that this still young show has produced. Can’t wait to see the conclusion next week. Grade: A

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