Louie: Late Show Part 3 Review

Tonight Louis C.K. ended his three part journey to become host of The Late Show with another fantastic episode.

It was great to see Louie take control of his life and really strive for something. Right from the start, the scene with him running behind his girls showed where his mind was at.

David Lynch continued his great guest appearance on the show as his mentor. Their scenes together were just as effective as they were last week.

It was all building to Louie’s test show. Jerry Seinfeld showed up to try and shake his opponent in a great scene of realization for our main character. What was even better was seeing how well Louie did as host. He interacted with guest stars Susan Surandon and Paul Rudd flawlessly. He worked hard and he earned this. There was nothing holding him back anymore. Louie finally took control of his life. This is a huge character move for the show. With just one episode left of the season, I cannot wait to see how season four plays out.

Turns out, Louie didn’t get the show. David Letterman signed on for ten more years. CBS just used Louie as a bargaining chip. But clearly it all meant more. As Louie approaches the famous studio and just starts yelling “I did it” and a few harsh words for Letterman I felt nothing but joy for this man who let his life fall through the cracks. In many ways this resembles how Louis C.K. created Louie after the failure of his sitcom on HBO.

Late Show Part 3 had some of the best moments of not only this season, but the entire series. Louis C.K. is ending his show with one heck of a bang. Can’t wait for next week’s finale. Grade: A

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