Louie: Looking for Liz/Lilly Changes Review

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Just as Louie started to become a bit repetitive and unfulfilling, we got this great episode which featured two great yet very separate stories.

The best thing about this season so far has been Parker Posey’s character Liz, the best of Louie’s love interests on the show yet. The first half of the episode dealt with Louie trying to find her again. He first looks at the book store where they first met. No luck, but he did enlist the help of her replacement, played by Chloe Sevigny. Of course this new character was absolutely insane, it’s Louie! The whole time she seemed to be getting off to the idea of Louie and Liz being “meant for each other”. But I didn’t think she literally would get off to it…Louis C.K. can’t help but run into these people can he? I liked that Louie was still thinking about her after the two parter earlier this season Daddy’s Girlfriend. I know I certainly was.

The second half of the episode finally brought back Louie’s two hilarious daughters. The older one, Lilly, had a bad day at school and took it out on her father after he tried to cheer her up. The younger, and funnier of the pair stole every second she was on screen. From calling “Daddy I have to tell you something” to the unapologetic “she left”, I was in stitches. Oh and of course Lilly was in the closet. Hysterical.

Looking for Liz/Lilly Changes was one of the better episodes this season as it featured, at least in part, two of the best things the show has done yet. I sincerely hope we get to see Liz again in the future. Maybe eventually Liz will get to interact with Louie’s daughters. Please? Grade: A-

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