Louie: Miami Review

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Anyone else really want to go to Miami now? Just make sure if you are a straight guy you don’t tell the life guard he is wonderful.

Louis C.K. once again displayed his artistic strengths in this episode as he immediately made me wish I was in Miami. He does this every week with New York City, but it is good knowing he can do this in another setting.

This episode primarily explored the bromance between Louie and the life guard Ramon. It was really nice to watch develop as Louie rarely connects with someone this well.

But all it took to ruin it was a phone call with his ex wife. Their conversation over the phone was absolutely hysterical as Louie slowly realized how weird his relationship with Ramon might be. Naturally, he doesn’t want to believe it and tries to hang out with the guy anyway.

Ramon decides to ask him if that is what is going on here. Louie of course puts his foot in his mouth and ends up sounding gay. It all leads to a hysterical stand-up routine where Louie makes fun of the fact that men can’t do “nice” things with each other without people thinking they are gay. Louis C.K. does a wonderful job here taking something kind of depressing and working it into a hilarious stand-up bit.

But one problem with Miami was that it wasn’t quite as funny as it could have been. Louis C.K. has displayed skills in narrative comedy already this season, but this one felt a bit lacking. Still though, the craft it takes to build a successful story like this is not to be taken for granted. Season three of Louie continues to captivate us every week. Grade: B+

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  1. Jessica says:

    Lately I have been watching Louie on plane rides with my Dish Remote Access app. I think the eye opening moment Louie had over the phone would have been enough to send him back to NY but I guess Louie is too lost for that. The misunderstanding at the end was hilarious. I do a lot of business traveling for Dish but I never miss Louie!

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