Louie: “Model” Season 4 Episode 2 Review

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The second episode of the new season of Louie challenged the reality of the show’s universe.

We begin with Louis walking into a bar looking like the nerdy kid on the playground. He’s wearing a red t-shirt tucked into his jeans as he attempts to ask out one of the hostesses. Then, out of nowhere, Jerry Seinfeld approaches him and asks him to do a gig in he Hamptons. Louie’s demeanor is more childlike in this episode, making this a jarring continuation of the season.

At the event, which is black tie, forcing Louie to again tuck in his t-shirt, he chokes in front of his audience. Having watched three full seasons of this show, we know Louie is a better stand up comedian than that. This is where the dream begins to feel like a nightmare.

But then a beautiful woman, the only one laughing during his show, brings him home with her. She’s a free spirit in a huge house on the beach. Louie has dabbled in “out of your league” sexual encounters before, but the perception of this particular encounter could alter all the others.

After having sex, the woman jokes that this might all be a dream. Suddenly, this fantasy once again crosses over to nightmare. Elbowing her in the head after a tickle fight, the woman’s rich father plans to take $5,000 from Louie a week for the rest of his life. Then, like a dream, the episode sort of just ends. Louie isn’t the type of show to outwardly answer the questions it raises, but if these plot threads are never picked up again it could mean this whole thing was just a dream. Perhaps that’s what Louis C.K. is telling us by not including the stand up interludes that typically revolve around the vignettes. It’s a dream, nothing to tell an audience about, just a very human dream that has very extreme highs and lows.

Model is a startling piece of work, the type that only Louis C.K. can produce. It alters our perception of what may or may not be real on this series. It moves as quickly and as randomly as our dreams do. This is the work of a masterful artist that can give us thought-provoking work through the darkest comedy imaginable. It’s why there’s nothing else on TV quite like LouieGrade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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