Louie: New Year’s Eve (Season Finale) Review

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A strangely satisfying season finale gives hope that Louie might turn over a new leaf…eventually.

New Year’s Eve was a great finale that, like last year’s, gives Louie a fresh start for next year.

The first segment saw Louie celebrating Christmas with his two daughters. Does Louie like Christmas? Of course not! But the effort he put into getting that doll perfect for his daughter was both hilarious and incredibly cute. Watching his kids open their presents, the show smartly cut to Louie’s bad experience buying them. Then seeing his ex-wife show up with her husband to ruin the moment. The shot of them going down the elevator as a family was haunting.

But then came the first guest star of the night, none other than Parks and Recreation‘s Amy Poehler! She played Louie’s sister who tried to get him to come to Mexico with the family. Seeing how good of friends they are in real life, it made sense Louie would cast her as his sister.

Shortly after, Louie’s life was struck with disaster. After only one incredible date with Liz, returner Parker Posey, Louie had to watch her die. This might have been the saddest moment of the series yet. It felt like they were meant for each other.

In his grief, Louie decided to go to Beijing, to see the river in his daughter’s book. This trip was a great one for Louie to just get away from it all to ring in the New Year. As the final song played, it gave sort of a “there’s always next year” feel. As much as I want to see Louie succeed in the future, Louis CK is just so damn good at telling sob stories.

Overall, this was a great finale. It finished a few of this season’s stories and looked toward a bright future. Keep ’em comin’. Grade: A-

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