Louie: “Pamela Part 1” Season 4 Episode 10 Review

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Our first episode outside of the Elevator arc was a bit all over the place, but still had enough strong moments to be worthy of the rest of the season.

The first thing we really see in Pamela Part 1 is Louie exploring the empty apartment of Evanka and Amia, who have now officially gone back to Hungary. This was notable because previous seasons of this show haven’t really tacked on continuity. But now with Pamela back and Amia gone, Louie appears to be on a loose arc for its entire season. We’ll find out if it all comes together as such in just four more episodes.

Louie’s conversation with his doctor/neighbor was probably the highlight of the episode. In an enlightening back and forth, the doctor tells Louie that this heartbreak and hurt is proof of his love and that he should enjoy it. The hard part, he says, is when you start to forget about her and no longer care. I hope I stumble upon this episode during my next break-up.

From there, Louie went to meet Pamela and beg for her to be with him. She sees right through him, naturally, but eventually agrees to watch his two daughters while he does a comedy show.

This was probably the longest stand-up routine the show has given us. Taking up about a third of the 22 minute episode, Louie joked about religion and feminism in the typically sharp manner. It was a solid reminder of why we fell in love with Louis CK in the first place. His sendup of social issues is unparalleled in the comedy world.

After we got a random and cheesy interlude of Louie indulging a crazy guy on the subway. But then we got into some more meaty material. When Louie gets home, he kind of almost rapes Pamela. Juxtaposed with the positive feminist influence in his stand-up, this scene was very uncomfortable. Louie has never been a show where you can comfortably trust the protagonist but this might have been too much of a stretch. I guess he hoped that Pamela would give in like Amia did two episodes ago. But this show portrays its lead as smart enough that I don’t believe he wouldn’t catch the clear signs of “no” that Pamela was giving off.

This is a rare example of Louie suffering from the lack of rules it has set for itself, which is usually cause for celebration. I’m sure Louis CK intends for us to leave the episode feeling uncomfortable, but I still thing he’d want us to buy the whole experience. So while there are still some phenomenal moments in this episode, those last few moments were a bit too irksome. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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