Louie: “Pamela Part 2” Season 4 Episode 13 Review

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Over the first four seasons of Louie, we’ve had a number of seemingly perfect “first date” episodes. The penultimate episode of Season 4 shows us why those other episodes were all rubbish.

Looking back on everything that happened with Amia in the Elevator arc, Louie’s ex Janet was right. She was a band-aid on Louie’s love life that he had to slowly peel off when she went back to Hungary.

But now, Pamela is back. After she let him kiss her, at least sort of, at the end of Pamela Part 1, Louie convinces her to go on one real date with him.

First, they go to an art show. There are neon nooses and men standing naked behind each other. It’s the type of weird art experience that not every couple is going to take to. But Louie and Pamela have fun making fun of every piece they can, showcasing their magnetic chemistry along the way. There was also the great gag of the “Press Here” piece.

Moving on, the pair go to Central Park where Louie lays out a towel. He tells Pamela to stare up at the sky to tune out the city lights. Then, in a rare moment of appropriate romantic gestures on a show as real as Louie, a meteor shower starts. Louie planned it all, finally winning Pamela’s affections. She even kisses him, for real this time.

Louie being Louie, he expects a bit more than Pamela is willing to give when they get back to his apartment. But he raises a good point, every time he thinks he’s getting somewhere, she pushes him away. Feeling guilty, Pamela plays a weird game of face-to-face sexting that was also somehow really cute.

What happens next is appropriately left ambiguous. Pamela wakes up to Louie’s daughters screaming, to which she gives them all the sarcastic reasons she isn’t their father’s girlfriend. She just may be even better with them than Amia was.

That was the point of this half hour. All the reasons Pamela and Louie are perfect together. While we’ve gotten this at least twice before on the show, this one felt a bit more special. It’s the same way I felt about Pamela before she left in Season 2. Now she’s back, and Louie’s love life may finally be getting itself in order. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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