Louie: “Pamela Part 3” Season 4 Finale Review

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The third and final part of the Pamela arc showed us the many problems Louie and Pamela might face as a couple. But it looks like we’ll have to wait until Season 5 to find out if they are as perfect as Part 2 made them out to be.

Trial #1: Pamela’s sense of humor.

The episode starts with Louie returning to his apartment building to find all of his furniture being taken out by Good Will. Upstairs, he finds Pamela and his two daughters laughing about the situation. Pamela says that all of his stuff “sucked” and that he has to get new stuff. He appears mad at first, but laughs it off and plans to get revenge on her by introducing her to Janet, his ex-wife.

Trial #2: Louie’s past.

How awkward was it when Louie introduced Pamela to his ex and her new husband? Pamela, however, thrives in awkwardness, and made enough jokes to fill the room and once again prove how great she is with Louie’s daughters. If Season 5 continues on this thread, more shared screentime between Pamela and Janet would be preferred.

Upon returning to Louie’s now empty apartment, Pamela asks just how the hell Janet is the mother of Lilly and Jane (something that’s crossed all our minds I’m sure). She doesn’t really get an answer because Louie plays by its own rules. They sleep together and then go buy some new furniture.

Trial #3: Louie’s potential future.

When one of Louie’s friends tells the comedy gang, with Pamela in attendance, that his show just got picked up for a full 13-episode season, Louie remains silent. His friend calls him out for being a bad friend, all in front of Pamela.

Louie is especially down in the dumps when he and Pamela leave the bar. She tells him how unhappy with his life he is and says  his solution is simple: go make a TV show. Could Season 5 be the road to Louis CK making Louie? How meta. But this is the kind of pushy encouragement that Louie needs from a significant other. Which brings us to…

Trial #4: Love.

Louie: “I love you.”

Pamela: “I…something…people?”

In my experience, at the age of 23 mind you, love most commonly comes when a person passes all of the trials you put up for them simply by being themselves. These trials are a piece of cake for them, which is what makes them seem perfect for you.

But Pamela can’t reciprocate Louie’s love, at least out loud. Once he leaves, she calls him and tells him to come back. The final conversation they have in the bathtub was a highlight of the season. She tells Louie she may not always be able to communicate how she feels through speech, but that she’s happy with him right here and right now. Do they need anything else?

At this very moment, likely not. If Louie and Pamela keep dating into Season 5 they will likely face way more trials than these four. But for the moment, the best solution is just to enjoy the moment. Pamela can’t say “I love you” back right now. Hell, she might not ever be able to. Yet somehow, this doesn’t mean the couple’s future is doomed. Now the door is open for Louie to truly be happy with someone.

As a whole, it seems like that’s what Season 4 was really all about. Pamela Part 3 was a perfect cap to that. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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