Louie: “Pot Luck” Season 5 Episode 1 Review

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Oh Louie, never stop being yourself.

“Pot Luck” was a very typical episode of Louis C.K.’s artsy fartsy sitcom. There was a ton of awkward tension, followed by an awkward sex scene, and capped off with louder awkward tension and bodily functions. It’s rare that Louie sticks to a formula, but when it does, it’s usually some variation of the above. This being the show’s fifth season premiere, it feels like a “welcome back” right from the mind of Louis C.K.

The formula still works. C.K. still plays this fictional version of himself in such an endearing and pathetic manner. He still finds ways to shoot New York City in such a loving way. He still incorporates sound in unexpected yet always breathtaking ways. In other words, “Pot Luck” proves that five season in, Louie is every bit as wonderful as we remember it.

Attending a pot luck he was barely invited to, Louie first goes to the wrong party. How does he know? The attendees start reciting very cult-y things. When the microphone comes to him, the perfect hold for awkward silence.

In a hurry, he leaves the chicken he bought, forcing him to replace it with Popeyes. One guest at the next party remarks at how good it is.

The hosts of the party are a lesbian couple with a surrogate mother, which Louie is told is a private matter when he tries to make conversation. Stand-up comic Judy Gold hilariously played the one host, as she continually ripped into Louie as he shyly maneuvered around the party.

But “Pot Luck” ended in the only way Louie knows how with this kind of story: having Louie go home with the pregnant surrogate and console her when she cries only to have sex with her minutes later. In a beautiful moment of comedy, her water breaks while he’s inside of her. He takes her to the hospital only to get an earful from Gold.

If you know Louie, you know this was very typical. But that’s not a problem when C.K. continues to find new ways to make us laugh through this formula. This episode successfully got me ready for whatever is in store for the remainder of the season. It’s great to have this show back again. Grade: A-


Some Other Notes:

– That nighttime shot of Louie and the surrogate hailing a cab to head downtown with One World Trade Center lit up in the background was so beautiful.

– The seemingly random banjo intercuts were fun and fitting. The lingering shot of the player before the cut to the final commercial felt like C.K. was acknowledging and thanking a fellow artist. Louie is nothing if not a celebration of pure, artistic expression. Amazing that a piece of television that features a conversation about ejaculating on an unborn baby’s head also might be the most respectful show in the medium. But hey, I named this as the best show of 2014 for a reason.

– Louis C.K. bookend stand-up comedy pieces were both winners.

– We left off season four with Louie seemingly dating Pamela. But with Pamela Adlon developing her own FX series, which C.K. will direct the pilot of, I wonder what role, if any, she’ll play this season.


By Matt Dougherty

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