Louie Season 3 Review

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Season three of Louie had a lot of ups and downs emotionally and critically, but overall, this show is still one of the best out there.

This season saw more of Louie trying to find himself. Which means more nights with crazy women and more fatherly duties. However, the best episodes of the season were the ones that carried along a story from an earlier episode. Louie appears to be gaining some continuity. It became important to tune in every week, and that is a great thing.

The old style of the show works just fine but there was really nothing more to hook you than the outstanding quality of the series. Now instead of stand-up segments we have over-arching stories.

It didn’t start out that this year though. The first three episodes were standard Louie, and all three were very funny. But then we got the two-part Daddy’s Girlfriend which saw Louie chasing and eventually going out on a date with Liz, a woman that this writer believes is a perfect match for Louie. Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2 was my favorite episode of the season. Luckily this story would be addressed again in Looking for Liz/Lilly Changes and the finale New Year’s Eve. I was sad to see Liz go in the finale but I understand what Louis CK was trying to do.

Another great piece of story building was the three part Late Show that ended the season. Seeing Louie strive for something he wants was great. We also finally got a face-to-face conversation between Louie and his ex-wife. These three episodes were brilliant in that they told a great long(er)-form story that had a beginning, middle, and end. A more than satisfying end at that.

But there were a couple disappointing episodes. Between all the continuity building we had Ikea/Piano Lesson and Dad, neither of which felt like they had much of a point. Especially the latter, which made such a big deal out of the whole thing and then provided absolutely nothing.

On the more positive side, Louie had a number of interesting guest stars this season. Melissa Leo, Parker Posey, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, F. Murray Abraham, Chloe Sevigny, Gary Marshall, Jay Leno, Chris Rock, David Lynch, Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Rudd, Susan Sarandon, and Amy Poehler all showed up this season. The best thing? Not one of them was used cheaply and served the story, something almost every other show on TV struggles with.

All in all, this was another great season of Louie. It contained some of my favorite episodes. Do I wish Louis CK had decided exactly what he wanted it to be? Yes but now he knows for season four. Grade: A-



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