Louie: “So Did the Fat Lady” Season 4 Episode 3 Review

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Louie has a way of presenting a seemingly normal situation, letting it play out in a routine manner, and then making you feel like an asshole about it. Honestly, it’s the show at its best, deconstructing society or human nature in a manner few artists dare to explore.

So Did the Fat Lady introduces guest star Sarah Baker early after Louie finished a comedy stint at the club. She’s fat, and I have no problem saying that after everything that happens over the course of the episode.

She asks Louie out persistently throughout the episode, going as far as giving him free playoff hockey tickets. Baker made this woman charming enough that you really wanted Louie to go out with her. She is definitely one of the standout guest stars on the series yet.

After the hockey tickets, Louie finally feels guilty enough to take her on a date. In an offhand comment, she calls herself fat. Louie awkwardly dances around it, eventually just telling her she isn’t fat. Baker so perfectly sold her disappointment in him, telling Louie that is the meanest thing you can say to a fat girl.

The conversation that followed was a heartbreaking real-as-can-be rant about men who don’t find heavier women attractive. It was such a sad turn for a mostly upbeat episode. At least Louie made things better in the end by holding her and and telling a fat joke. It was the type of honesty this series has perfected over the years.

I haven’t even mentioned the Bang Bang portion of the episode. Fit between the scenes with Baker, this segment showed Louie and his friend going on one last double meal (Indian and then a diner) before hitting the gym the next day. This was a perfect setup for how Baker would later attack the type of man Louie is, while also having some strong comedic moments.

So Did the Fat Lady is another quintessential example of how powerful Louie can be when it tackles something supposedly taboo. The show’s raw honesty and brilliant use of Sarah Baker as a guest star made this episode an instant classic. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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