Louie: Something Is Wrong (Season Premiere) Review

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Louie is back! Louie is back! LOUIE IS BACK! The best summer show returns for its third season with a great premiere that brought us right back into the swing of things.

Last year’s season finale was pretty depressing as Pamela went abroad, leaving Louie alone once again. The premiere opens with Louie dating someone new, and she is horrible. But before that I loved how Louie tries to park in a spot with four seemingly contradicting signs. Come on, you know you’ve been there.

I loved even more how when he asked the construction worker what they were doing he simply replied “don’t know”. For anyone who has ever worked or lived in Manhattan, these construction never go away and seem like nothing is going on, so kudos to Louis C.K. for some hysterical “it’s funny because it’s true” comedy done in a hilarious manner. The scene ends with his car being smashed in such a nonchalant manner that you can’t help but laugh.

Another fantastic string of events was Louie’s desire for a motorcycle. Seeing him ride around all of the key locations of New York City was a great reminder of a huge aspect of this show: Louis C.K.’s love for Manhattan (a la Woody Allen). Paralleling his minor quibbles from earlier, this was a great way to pay tribute to the city he loves so much.

But the biggest aspect of the episode was the end of Louie’s relationship with this new woman. While it did not work nearly as well as some of his sexual escapades last season (looking at you Joan Rivers), it was still had some very funny moments.

All in all, Something Is Wrong was a great return for the series. It’s great to have this show back and Louis C.K. is as great as ever. Can’t wait for next week. Grade: A-

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